Honda Civic Type R Caught Testing Near the Nurburgring – Spy Photos

Honda Civic Type R Caught Testing Near the Nurburgring – Spy Photos

While just speculation at this point, it would seem that Honda is prepping a Civic Type-R for the European marketplace.

These latest spy photos show a pair of new European spec Civic models out for a spin near the automaker’s technical center, which is also located in close proximity to the Nurburgring.

Little change from the standard Euro Civic is obvious from the test mules, though there is one notable difference – a simply massive rear wing. While unlikely to be the final design, Honda is certain to be testing improved downforce on its new chassis.

If and when it does arrive, look for a wild aero kit, larger wheels and tires, significant suspension upgrades, larger brakes and better bolstered seats.

As for the engine, the most likely course of action from Honda would be to deliver an up-rated version of the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder found in models like the Civic Si, though past rumors have indicated it could use a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine to deliver similar horsepower but with an impressive boost in torque.

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  • Type R fan

    That looks terrible, but I bet it’ll be a blast to drive.

  • M

    Here are some possible revisions for the USA Civic that have recently appeared on the new Civic in other countries.

  • Keithw

    When is Honda going to offer stuff like this for the US market?  I have money, I love Hondas, I want a fast car- why does Honda force me to look elsewhere?

  • stop making this car larger and larger….civcs are supposed to be small nimble cars….FFS Honda, wake up