Honda Fit EV Available for Lease Starting July 20

Honda Fit EV Available for Lease Starting July 20

The latest in Honda’s lineup of alternative fuel vehicles will be available on a three-year lease term starting July 20 for $389 per month.

Perhaps the most significant piece of the little plug-in car is that it will best the Mitsubishi i MiEV’s fuel efficiency and range with a 118 MPGe combined rating and 82-mile range. The car won’t be available for purchase initially, though. Instead, Honda plans to offer leases to key markets in California and Oregon until 2013 when availability will expand to six East Coast markets.

When it launches next month, the Fit EV will be the first Honda to offer the new HondaLink EV telematics system. It will also be the first Fit to offer a multi-link rear suspension, and lightweight aluminum front subframe.

An on-board charger will also allow the Fit EV to be charged at any 120-volt household outlet or available 240-volt power source for faster recharging. It also comes with a three-mode driving system (econ, normal and sport) borrowed from the CR-Z Sport Hybrid. The car’s 92-kilowatt electric motor makes 123 hp and 189 lb-ft of torque from which Honda promises a fun driving experience.

Our own Sami Haj-Assaad is in California today driving one, so we’ll have our own review of the vehicle coming in the near future.