Honda Fit EV Gets Record 118 MPGe

Honda Fit EV Gets Record 118 MPGe

The Honda Fit EV has just received its official EPA fuel economy ratings, with the emissions-free car able to boast 118 MPGe, the highest of any production car.

With a 132 mpge city rating and a 105 mpge highway rating the 118 mpge average bests the current class-leading Mitsubishi i, which is rated at 112. Placing third in class is the 105 mpge Ford Focus Electric, followed by the 99 mpge Nissan Leaf.

In addition, Honda claims a best-in-class 82 mile range with a record low 29 kilowatt hour (kWh) per 100 mile consumption rate. What this means to consumers is an estimated average fuel bill of just $500.

And adding to the good news, Honda claims full charge in less than 3 hours from a 240-volt charger.

“Just as important as the industry-leading fuel-efficiency and fast recharging time, as a Honda, the 2013 Fit EV will be an absolute kick to drive,” said Steve Center, VP of the American Honda Environmental Business Development Office.

Power from the electric motor is rated at 123 hp and 189 b-ft of torque, and the Fit EV uses the same 3-mode driver selectable drive system from the CR-Z, while also sporting a fully-independent suspension.

Deliveries of the Fit EV will take place this summer in California and Oregon, with East Coast sales starting next year.

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