Hyundai Elantra Extended Wheelbase to Enter Chinese Market

Hyundai Elantra Extended Wheelbase to Enter Chinese Market

Extended wheelbase models are becoming a necessity for any automaker’s lineup if they wish to succeed in the growing Chinese auto industry.

Hyundai has been focusing a lot of its efforts to make progress in China, becoming the fourth-best selling brand in China this year behind Volkswagen, Nissan, and Toyota. This month, the Korean automaker will open a new plant in Beijing where its popular Elantra model will be built with a slightly longer and taller variant.

Called the Langdong, the extended Elantra will be 1.6 inches longer and about 0.4-inches taller than the standard Elantra seen in other markets. To give it a more luxurious appearance, Hyundai swapped out its hexagonal front grille for a chrome, wing-shaped piece.

Generally we have seen luxury cars such as BMW’s and Audi’s outfitted with long wheelbases, so it will be interesting to see how a Hyundai Elantra long wheelbase is received in China.

[Source: Bloomberg]