IndyCar Race in China Cancelled for Beer Festival

IndyCar Race in China Cancelled for Beer Festival

The Chinese have something to learn about watching car racing, and maybe beer drinking too in light of the fact that the race was cancelled for a beer festival.

One doesn’t need to be cancelled for the other, you only need to attend one NASCAR event to realize the two events work well together, maybe even better. Nevertheless, it looks like another slot will have to open up somewhere on the Indy schedule to all the races can be run.

New city leadership in Qingdao apparently didn’t want to run the IndyCar race alongside the Qingdao International Beer Festival. We’re guessing Budweiser and Coors aren’t planning to be there with any beer gardens.

Then again, that could be good news because it might mean an additional race at the new Texas Motor Speedway where the idea of cheap beer and loud engines in the same venue is fully realized.

[Source: AutoWeek]