Infiniti Developing Halo Car, Might not be Emerg-E

Infiniti Developing Halo Car, Might not be Emerg-E
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Infiniti is heavily invested in Red Bull racing, and is looking into producing a car that solidifies that link, more so then the companies existing line of F tuned vehicles. 

The company debuted the Infiniti Emerg-E hybrid concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, based off of a Lotus Evora. It looked like this would be the obvious choice for an Infiniti halo car, but the company is staying tight-lipped, saying that they have yet to finalize a design or name for the upcoming super car. Although there are working versions of the Emerg-E already, the performance of the car is said to be a little lack-luster when compared to the competition.

The 2009 Essence concept is also a possibility for the basis of the new supercar. An Infiniti badged GT-R has been ruled out by the company, to make sure the halo car stands alone within the brand.

So far, Infiniti is talking about a mid-mounted V6 with some type of hybrid system, setting its sights pretty squarely on the Acura NSX.