Infiniti G25 Discontinued, EX and FX Models Get 3.7-Liter

Infiniti G25 Discontinued, EX and FX Models Get 3.7-Liter

Infiniti has released information on its 2013 model lineup, and notably missing from its list of vehicles is the G25 sedan, which debuted less than two years ago.

The G25 sedan was actually a car we enjoyed reviewing, a competent alternative to BMW‘s popular 328i model. But one of our biggest gripes was its pricing and how close it was to the G37 model, which is probably why the Japanese automaker has decided to axe the model. Other models from the G Sedan family to be gone are the G37 Sport Appearance Edition and the G37 Limited Edition. Otherwise, no major enhancements or changes were done.

As for the G Coupe, Infiniti has done away with the base model for the 2013 model year. The convertible variant will see the addition of the IPL model to the collection.

2013 will also see the 3.7-liter added to the EX and FX lineups, with a boost of 28 hp to the EX model and 22 hp in the FX model for the new model year.  The naming of the models have also been updated to reflect the engine change, EX37 and FX37.

Now the big question is why does the all-new JX still have the old 3.5-liter under the hood? Perhaps Infiniti will update the JX for 2014 with its popular 3.7-liter.

  • Janiem9

    I like my G 25 ! They Should have offered more options and adjusted pricing . I don’t need to fly down the road and I still get there all too well in the G25 . Too much power is not needed in every family which made the 25 a good alternative . .

  • ILOM1

    The problem with the G25 is the same issue that plagued the G20. Its way overpriced for the market its targeting. In fact, The G25 should have been priced in the range of $23K-28K, to be $32k fully loaded for a weak V6 is ridiculous. 

  • Ajb

    agreed, this is why we went with the g37 over the g25…if g25 was a few bucks cheaper we probably would have went for the 25

  • Tom_mag2001

    I was going to compare this to a Cadillac ATS. It seems like it would win in a matchup as far as rear legroom with only a slight hit to fuel economy. Plus probably more torque than the ATS.