Infiniti G37S Races a Skydiver- Video

Infiniti G37S Races a Skydiver- Video

Infiniti isn’t just leveraging its relationship with Red Bull Racing by utilizing Sebastian Vettel; the Japanese automaker teamed up with Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber for another viral video.

Prior to the 2012 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix, Webber gave Red Bull Air Force and skydiver Jon DeVore some driving tips on the track in an Infiniti G37S while DeVore gave Webber the rundown of what it’s like to freefall in a wind tunnel. But the highlight of the event was when they both were pitted against one another in one unique race.

Down on the ground, Webber was strapped into the G37S and was to complete a lap at high speed while DeVore would skydive out of a helicopter. The goal was to see who would cover the same distance the fastest.

This is the second of Infiniti’s ‘Inspired Performers’ series videos and we’re excited to see what they have in the works for future installments.

“I’ve tried a lot of adventure sports but the skill it takes to do a skydive takes it to a whole new level. Jon was a great tutor and he turned out to be a pretty handy driver too,” Mark Webber said.

Watch the video of Mark Webber racing against gravity after the break.

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