Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Five’ Teased With One Large Barge – Video

Ken Block ‘Gymkhana Five’ Teased With One Large Barge – Video

Can’t wait until July 9th to get your gymkhana fix? DC Shoes has released a trailer of Ken Block’s upcoming Gymkhana Five flick, ahead of its official debut in a couple of weeks.

To remind all of us that the fifth Gymkhana film takes place in San Francisco, California, the teaser showcases Block on a barge in the middle of the San Francisco Bay doing what he does best. Undoubtedly, the fifth Gymkhana film will feature some high-quality cinematography, with the teaser showing off some helicopter-captured footage.

We feel like the Gymkhana flicks have a lot to live up to, and so far from what we’ve seen the fifth installment will really take advantage of what San Francisco has to offer. We’ll just have to wait a couple more weeks to see the whole thing!

Watch the teaser video of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five below.

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