Kia Optima Hybrid Commercial Shows Off Guinness World Record Win

Kia Optima Hybrid Commercial Shows Off Guinness World Record Win

The Kia Optima Hybrid set a big goal for itself, to cross all 48 contiguous states on the least amount of fuel possible, and managed to set a world record for doing so.

Now, the Korean automaker has released its first commercial touting its success, and letting people know about the record breaking drive. The official record title is ‘lowest fuel consumption across the 48 contiguous United States in a gasoline hybrid car.’

The commercial makes sure to present the facts, and throw in a bit of humor to keep it interesting.

Watch the spot below.

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  • Tvviewer

    I can not find this record on as advertised. 🙁

  • guest

    i would like to know the route

  • Terry

    Nothing more than an ad campaign!  Did anyone notice they don’t mention how much fuel, or what a previous attempt required?  Wake up people

  • Kned11101

    I own one of these, said cars  and just traveled over 800 miles and my best gas mileage was……….
    33.9mpg and that was through flat straight roads, even using curse control.  Seriously, think twice, three time even four times prior to purchasing one of these or even pulling out in front of someone.   Very unhappy

  • danwat1234

    Wow lots of bashers on here. Looks like the real-world fuel economy of this car is about 35MPG as a combination of city and highway driving. Pretty good for net 206HP. 
    I wish it had a boost feature, where the electric motor could double it’s output for brief periods of time for more acceleration.