Lamborghini Smartphones and Tablets are Slow and Expensive

Lamborghini Smartphones and Tablets are Slow and Expensive

If the Porsche Design Blackberry wasn’t exotic enough for you, there may be a new smartphone that suits your highly distinguished tastes. Lamborghini is going to be offering some devices that carry the exotic Italian brand’s eye-popping prices.

First of all, while the Porsche Design Blackberry was built upon the latest and greatest product from Research in Motion, this smartphone and tablet from Lamborghini feature specs that’s almost pre-historic by now.

The TL700 smartphone uses Android 2.3 (a mobile operating  system from late 2010) and has a five-megapixel camera. The phone is also made of metal and crocodile skin and has sapphire glass that protects the 3.7-inch display. All this obviously comes at a cost, with the TL700 costing 90,000 rubles ($2,758.) There are also a promise that the phone will also get a software update to the latest version of Android (4.0) which should be a nice surprise to the one-percenters who buy the phone.

There is also a tablet being offered too, but it features a design that is noticeably lacking of gold-accents. The L2800 tablet has a  9.7-inch 1024 x 768 display, a 1.2GHz processor, and 512MB RAM. Those specs are also pretty middling for its pricetag; 75,000 rubles ($2,298.)

We’re not sure if these devices will make their way over to North America, as they seem to be only available in Russia, but that’s really not such a bad thing.

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