Lexus’ Award-Winning Air Conditioning Innovation

Lexus’ Award-Winning Air Conditioning Innovation

Standard in the Lexus GS 450h flagship, the brand is being recognized for innovating a new air conditioning system that delivers luxury quality while cutting the power required to achieve those ends.

Awarded by the Automotive Interiors Expo, the technology offers a climate cooling system that not only chills air flowing into the cabin, but is capable of deodorizing it while moisturizing the hair and skin of those inside the car thanks to its use of nanoe technology. While Lexus customers will probably appreciate feeling spa-fresh on arrival, that’s not actually what’s getting the award’s attention.

Instead, it’s the fact that the system auto-adjusts by sensing if a seat is occupied. Vents open if it is, but otherwise they remain closed. The car also senses the outside and inside temperature to find the optimum power level and temperature for the system to reach. In extreme cases like a hot summer day or during the winter, the system opens all vents and rushes to meet that temperature. Once it arrives there, the unnecessary vents close to use less energy.

Best of all, the system will be easily transferrable to more models in the future, so you can probably expect to see it in the less expensive ES down the line.


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