BMW M5 to Lose Manual Transmission Next Time Around

BMW M5 to Lose Manual Transmission Next Time Around

One of the “Ultimate Driving Machines” just got a little less ultimate, as a BMW official has confirmed that the next-generation M5 will be offered with an automatic transmission only.

According to M’s head of engineering, Albert Biermann, the next-generation M5 and M6 models will only come with a dual-clutch transmission, but apparently the manual won’t be as missed as one would think. “Last year, maybe 15-20 percent of our M5s in the U.S. were manuals and maybe this year it will be 15 percent. It’s declining,” Biermann stated

It’s not just demand that is causing the manual option to disappear. The German automaker is no longer finding it cost effective to strengthen everything in the gearbox and find space for the shifter and another pedal. Luckily, Biermann reiterated that the BMW M3 model will still be offered with a manual option, saying “it will always have a stick shift.”

But for now, demand is so low for a manual-equipped M5 that BMW will be doing away with it in its next-generation model. So those passionate, hardcore M5 owners that thirst for a trio of pedals at their disposal better scoop up this generation’s model.

[Source: Inside Line]