Matte Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Headed to Japan

Matte Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Headed to Japan

Mercedes-Benz isn’t sending just a matte black C63 AMG to Japan this year, the German automaker has announced an exquisite SLS AMG Matt Edition for the country as well.

We’re not sure why Mercedes is calling it “Matt Edition” instead of “Matte Edition,” but nonetheless the exotic supercar will come in either matte white or matte black finishes for the Japanese market and will be available in both coupe and roadster variants. Both models come with contrasting highlights: black with red, white with black, and both sport matte black exhaust tips.

Nothing will be done under the hood, so the special edition is mainly for aesthetic purposes and could be replicated if an SLS AMG owner really wanted to. The contrasting color scheme finds its way into the cockpit as well with the black variant getting a black and red interior, while the white one features black and porcelain on the inside.

Available as an option will be carbon-ceramic brakes. No pricing was announced, but it’ll be another sad model we’ll never see in America. Fortunately, we’re willing to bet some enthusiasts will do it on their own. For now, we’ll just wait for the new SLS AMG GT to hit the streets.

[Source: Car and Driver]