Mazda Will Continue to Develop Rotary Engines

Mazda Will Continue to Develop Rotary Engines

Mazda is committing to fuel economy with its new SkyActiv technology, which was expected to render the companies rotary engine lineup defunct. Not so says Mazda, confirming that development continues on the next generation of rotary. 

The RX-8 was the last Mazda to use the rotary engine setup, and after production was ended, it was assumed by many that the rotary technology would die with the car. Especially with SkyActiv taking over as Mazda’s new engineering setup, the gas-thirsty rotary engines seemed destined for discontinuation.

To keep up with SkyActiv, the rotary engine must become more fuel efficient, a feat which Mazda claims they have figured out how to achieve.

“While the majority of the company’s engineering resources are focused on the development of our revolutionary Sky Activ technology, work does continue on the next-generation rotary,” said Mazda.

Rotary engines are easily adaptable to run on fuel sources other than gasoline, and the company has said that this is an option as well.

“Additionally, work continues on the use of fuels other than gasoline, taking advantage of the rotary’s unique ability to operate on multiple fuels without extensive reengineering,” said Mazda.

A rotary engine range extender would also serve well in a hybrid setup, as small displacement numbers can be made into big power rather easily in a rotary engine.

[Source: AutoCar]

  • these are ever changing times

  • Jeffmasdon

    My son just spent $8000 on an RX-8, 3 months later the Apex seals are gone and now looking at over $6000 to repair!!! At this point, I would not recommend the Rotary engine to anyone. Jeff Masdon – Georgia

  • RX8 PZ

     maybe if you know how a rotary works you wouldnt be in that situation…did you do a compretion test before buying it? prob not…. really pisses me off when ppl come to forum to talk bad about the rotary engine when they prob dont even now how it work….

  • Mcman1

    Apex seals have been the rotary engines main fault since its conception by Wankel.