Mercedes brings the AMG Tour Online- Video

Mercedes brings the AMG Tour Online- Video

The Mercedes-Benz in-house tuning company AMG takes regular luxury cars, and turns them into high-performance vehicles, that are more at home on the track than on the streets. Today, Mercedes shows us exactly what goes on behind the scenes when making an AMG.

The video shows the AMG headquarters, which includes a customer lounge and sales area. But the real magic happens in the design, engineering, testing and production of these vehicles, which are all explained in the video. Of course the AMG philosophy of “One Man, One Engine” is shown off here, with a special chapter of the video centering around the handmade engines in each vehicle.

Take the virtual tour of the AMG factory below.

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  • Antoine

    Hey, great! Now I can feel even worse about not being able to afford one. Thanks Mercedes! Thanks for nothing.