Mercedes S-Class AMG Spied with Sparse Camo

Mercedes S-Class AMG Spied with Sparse Camo

Spy photos came our way today of the Mercedes S-Class AMG. We’ve already seen the regular S-Class with minimal covering, but this is our first look at the hotter version without bulky clothes.

Thanks to its undressed venture into the real world, we’re getting a good look at its larger wheels and brakes, marked side sills and its bumper with a rear diffuser, though it’s hard to make out under the black wrapping. Unfortunately, the bigger front air intakes, which are the most drastic change, are still covered.

Eagle eyes will pick up on the missing quad exhaust pipes at the rear, but you can count on them as the model loses more of its camo and comes closer to actual production.

Outside the performance-hungry AMG reals, the new S-Class has been rumored to come with a nine-speed transmission.

GALLERY: Mercedes S-Class AMG spy photos


  • Scoilbhride gartt

    i’m so excited as new s classes debut is coming faster and faster.I’ve been waiting since 2009 for the NEW S class as i am totally obsessed with mercs and the s class  

  • BMW Lux11345

    Go S-class! Go S-class! full-sizers rule