MINI Countryman Coupe Should Be Available in 2013

MINI Countryman Coupe Should Be Available in 2013

The MINI Paceman concept, now known as the Countryman Coupe, will likely bow as a 2013 model year car, and be available in the first quarter of the same year. 

Having just seen spy photos of the car, it looks production ready, especially due to the fact that the prototype wore a small amount of camo. MINI was not concerned with showing off the car early, which points towards a launch of the car sooner rather than later. A 1.6-liter twin-turbocharged engine sporting 211-hp and 192 lb-ft sourced from the JCW Mini should provide power for the the Countryman Coupe.

When asked about the launch date, MINI said that there is yet to be any official word regarding the model year, name, or specifications on the car, although many reports surfacing online say that an inside MINI source has confirmed the car will come in 2013. Interestingly, in a recent release from the company detailing the 2013 product lineup, the Countryman Coupe was not mentioned.

Reports of more variants coming from MINI however, point towards the Countryman Coupe’s launch in 2013.


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