MINI Sets World Record for Tightest Parallel Parking – Video

MINI Sets World Record for Tightest Parallel Parking – Video

Put your Asian driving stereotypes aside as Chinese driver Han Yue has set a new record for the tightest parallel parking job in a MINI at the Beijing launch of the special edition Chinese Job MINI.

In the past two years alone, the record has changed drivers five times with Patrik Folco holding the most recent record when he slid his vehicle into a gap measuring in at 8.66 inches longer than the car. But that’s nothing compared to what Han Yue did. Han managed to squeeze a MINI in a space just 5.91 inches longer than the vehicle, setting a record that will likely be untouched… for at least a few months.

It would have been more impressive if the driver attempted to do the parallel parking job like a standard driver, but it’s a very cool feat nonetheless.

Watch the impressive parallel parking job below

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