MINI Traveler Mule Previews New Minivan- Spy Photos

MINI Traveler Mule Previews New Minivan- Spy Photos

Rumor had it that MINI was looking into creating a minivan to add some more versatility to its lineup, and today our spy photos confirm that MINI is working on an early protoype of the car to prepare it for production. 

The minivan will ride on a slightly wider version of the Countryman platform, and likely be called the MINI Traveler when it comes to market. A longer chassis will also be added which allows the front wheels to be moved forward. Still, because it’s a MINI, the company is trying to keep the dimension of the vehicle small and compact, to fit the brands image.

The body on this mule is just a Countryman, so expect it to look quite a bit different when the concept appears.

Watch for the van to debut under the name space box, and be available on the market by 2014.

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