Nissan Delta Wing Crowdsourced Le Mans Footage Released

Nissan Delta Wing Crowdsourced Le Mans Footage Released

The amount of footage taken on cell phone camera’s at an event such as the 24 hours of Le Mans is quite extensive and Nissan capitalized on it by cutting together this video of the first lap taken by the Delta Wing.

The video came together through the use of 16 video clips taken from eight different locations around the 8.5-mile track. It was all compiled using an app called Vyclone, which allows users to upload footage to an accessible database.

Crowd-sourced video from Le Mans has never been made into a full length video before, and likewise a car like the experimental Nissan Delta Wing has never been at the race before. This was the aim of the video, to promote the futuristic car technology with a modern-day approach to advertising it.

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  • Nice well written piece – took us some doing to pull this off and I quite like the authentic look and feel – it was hard to not fiddle with it and leave it raw (music, captions etc)