Nissan GT-R Experience Takes to the Track- Video

Nissan GT-R Experience Takes to the Track- Video

The Nissan GT-R experience is offered to buyers and prospective buyers of the brands super car, and this month the cars and drivers took to the track in Monticello, New York. 

The idea behind the program is to teach owners of the car how to get the maximum level of performance while driving. Prospective buyers are offered a chance as well, to get a proper test drive and see exactly what the car is capable of. The school has the drivers participate in exercises such as side by side drag racing to show off the GT-R’s launch control, an autocross competiton, on track instruction and a slalom.

While out on the track, Nissan caught some footage of a test lap, showing the blistering speeds of the GT-R.

Check out the video below.

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