Nissan Holographic Water Show Celebrates Canada Day

Nissan Holographic Water Show Celebrates Canada Day

Four major cities across Canada will play host to Nissan’s newest marketing campaign for the Altima, which will incorporate a holographic water show of the car.

July 1, 2012 will mark Canada’s 145th birthday, and will be the occasion for Nissan’s hologram campaign. Four major cities across the country will be treated to the display, to help kick of sales of Nissan’s new mid-size sedan.

By using nozzles that spray a thin film of water 120 feet wide by 60 feet tall, the projection is diffused to display the show.

“The 3D Water Show effectively delivers on that same high level of excitement and innovation making it the perfect platform for the Nissan Altima,” said  Judy Wheeler, director of marketing for Nissan Canada.

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  • Bizz Markie

    Let’s be honest, Canada isn’t even a real country…

  • Wet Crowd

    In Vancouver the result was hosing down the audience with sea water on a very cold July night. The on shore wind drove the mist into the audience who were already unseasonably chilly. Cool concept but very poorly executed. Someone should have had the sense to pull the plug after checking the wind direction and the temperature.