Nissan ‘Juke Box’ is Louder than a Rock Concert

Nissan ‘Juke Box’ is Louder than a Rock Concert
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Nissan, in partnership with music label Ministry of Sound (MOS), has created the world’s most powerful car sound system – naming it the Juke Box.

That’s a tough claim to stake when there are so many people who pour money into ground-shaking stereos, but there’s no denying that the Juke Box is deafeningly loud. If you don’t believe the claim, figure this: in 2009 rock band Kiss played a show that reached 136 decibals but the Juke Box is capable of reaching 150. Simply put, this car is a rolling rock show.

In order to get a sound that stupid-loud, the company crammed a total 18,900 watt stereo into the little crossover. That’s really a bit of an understatement, though. Fitting all that in meant pulling everything out of the car except the driver’s seat. But the Juke Box is more than just a great way to peeve the neighbors, it’s also a mobile radio station that MOS fans can tune in to via a mobile app.

Nissan plans to release a two-part webisode about the car after its debut, which happens today at the parade leading up to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.