Nissan Leaf Sales to Double this Year

Nissan Leaf Sales to Double this Year

Nissan will be set to double sales of its Leaf plug-in hybrid this year thanks to a plant opening in Smyrna, Tenn. that will allow for 20,000 units to be delivered this fiscal year.

Non-domestic production hampered production until now, keeping deliveries slow and making it difficult for the Leaf to compete with the Chevrolet Volt, especially over the last two months.

“We’ve had to fulfill demand from one plant globally,” Krueger said. “Once we localize it in December, the second half of the fiscal year is when we’ll see most of the supply, demand be available.”

At the present rate, Nissan is set to shatter its overall manufacturing records in the U.S. Currently the company is on pace to assemble 1.35 million units in North America this year, which is 170,000 more than it did last year.

  • Rich

    1.35 million units to be assembled in North America this year, of which over 1.000.000 in Mexico…

  • Gort-klaatu

    Nissan Leaf is an electric car…..not a plug in hybrid. The Chevy volt is the gas / electric hybrid.