Nissan Leaf to Tackle Goodwood Hill Climb… In Reverse

Nissan Leaf to Tackle Goodwood Hill Climb… In Reverse

Thanks to its electric drive train and direct drive transmission system, the Nissan Leaf is supposed to be able to go just as fast in reverse as it can in forward, something the company plans to prove at Goodwood by attempting to take the record for driving the fastest mile — in reverse.

The stunt is part of the ‘Big Turn On’ marketing campaign which is trying to spread awareness in Europe about electric vehicles. Thanks to the car’s low center of gravity provided by its low-mounted batteries, the Leaf should handle well in reverse and will be piloted by stunt driver Terry Grant, who drove a Nissan Juke in the hill climb last year, entirely on two wheels.

“It’s a hugely technical test of speed and concentration. But despite the risks, the strength and integrity of Nissan LEAF’s design gives me confidence. Whatever happens, I know I’m going to finish the weekend with a serious crick in my neck.”


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