Nissan Sentra Production Increased, 1,000 Jobs Created

Nissan Sentra Production Increased, 1,000 Jobs Created

Strong demand for the Nissan Sentra is prompting the company to produce the car in a second location: its Canton, Miss. plant, creating 1,000 new jobs in he process.

That’s fine except for one variable: future sales. Nissan hasn’t even revealed its new Sentra compact yet — that will happen later this summer. It will be even later in the year when the car actually hits dealer lots and has a chance to prove itself with consumers.

When that happens, it will become the third of five models the brand plans to introduce over the course of 15 months. We haven’t actually seen the new model yet, but if it goes in the same direction as the all-new Altima we’ll expect improved fuel economy, a CVT, probably a nicer interior and a restyled body with more fluid lines.

Nissan will also continue to produce the Sentra in Aguascalientes, Mexico, which will allow for overall volume to grow in anticipation of the new model’s success. It’s a bold bet, though, considering how competitive the compact market is becoming this year with new options like the Dodge Dart and old favorites like the Ford Focus and Honda Civic.


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