Rolls-Royce Appoints new Design Director

Rolls-Royce Appoints new Design Director

Ultra-luxury brand Rolls-Royce is appointing a new design director in a move that will usher Ian Cameron out and with him the designs that have come to be synonymous with the marque’s style.

“On behalf of BMW Group Design, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for Ian’s years of leadership and contribution to the Rolls-Royce brand.  His deep understanding of Rolls-Royce values and history has proven invaluable,” Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW design said. “Giles Taylor brings with him exceptional design skills and a comprehensive understanding of British values and heritage that are so crucial to Rolls-Royce; I have no doubt that he will successfully continue to develop the outstanding design ethos so successfully created by Ian Cameron and his team.”

While a radical new direction for the brand in terms of design is out of the question, Taylor will bring fresh direction to a marque that is know for maintaining its statesman image throughout its history. He is expected to continue in the same direction as Cameron, but don’t be surprised if some new subtleties appear in the coming years.

Then again, any tweaks to the exterior would likely have already been carried out by Taylor, considering that he will be moving from his previous position as the company’s head of exterior design.

Passing the torch as design head doesn’t mean Cameron will be leaving the company, though. “I feel very privileged to have led the design team for the renaissance of this most prestigious company and I am delighted to continue my relationship with Rolls-Royce in my new role as Brand Ambassador,” Cameron said.