Saab Parts UK Will Continue Production

Saab Parts UK Will Continue Production

The story behind Saab’s death as a company, prolonged struggle to sell and recent rebirth as a company that will make EVs probably has present owners in the U.K. breathing a sigh of relief.

As the Swedish company sat in limbo, it was hard not to feel sorry for so many Saab stalwarts that would struggle more every year to keep their cars running. That is, until the latest news emerged that the company would not only be continuing to produce cars, albeit in a completely different form than before, but that its parts arm would continue production to support the small army of vehicles already on the road.

“There are around 188,000 Saab cars on U.K. roads that we need to provide a service for and we will continue to offer customers a parts and customer care facility as well as attractively priced Saab used cars.  We now also look forward to working with our parent company, Saab Automobile Parts AB, and the new owner of Saab Automobile AB on future business opportunities once the sale process is completed.”

As of yet, information suggests that such support will be aimed at U.K. clients, but it would be hard to imagine that those parts won’t also be available on this side of the ocean. Saabs have never been cheap to maintain and this will probably stand to make that worse, but at least replacement parts aren’t going to remain in production for the immediate future.


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