Scion FR-S Finally Arrives at Dealerships

Scion FR-S Finally Arrives at Dealerships

This is it: the wildly-anticipated Scion FR-S is arriving at dealers nationwide today, at least in theory. There won’t be any of them actually sitting on the lot waiting for a buyer.

As one of the year’s hottest cars you can’t have (without a preorder), there isn’t much of a chance you’ll see an FR-S parked with a “for sale” sticker any time soon. Instead, the 200-hp sport coupe will be going straight into buyer driveways, garages and tracks nationwide.

“The incredibly positive buzz surrounding the FR-S has generated an impressive list of hand-raisers and pre-sold orders,” said Scion vice president Jack Hollis. “Scion is thrilled that the FR-S is now available throughout its strong network of about 1,000 dealers. We can’t wait for performance driving enthusiasts to get into the FR-S because we know that they are going to love it.”

Love it they will, at least if they agree with the entire world of automotive journalism, especially given the car’s $24,200 entry-level price. With a network of 1,000 dealers, you might see one passing on the highway sometime soon, but that’s probably about as close as most will get until more ship to the U.S.

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