Scion FR-S Recalled to Replace Owners Manual

Scion FR-S Recalled to Replace Owners Manual

Just days after its release, Scion has issued a recall for the brands newest baby, the FR-S. 

The recall is not concerning the car itself, but the owners manual. An inaccurate description pertaining to the operation of the front passenger airbag could cause the occupants to misunderstand the airbag system. The airbags themselves will operate normally in a collision situation. The recall also applies to the Subaru BRZ’s owners manual.

If your owners manual was printed with a date earlier than May 2012 and has an MSA number with suffix “A”, it needs to be replaced. The local Scion or Subaru dealer can replace the manual for you. NHTSA says that roughly 1,156 units are affected.

  • Yvonnemagee3

    They should also recall the electrical components for the automatic windows. The dealership says lots of people have complained about their windows not operating correctly, and the lights on the door window panel blinks until the issue is addressed. I’ve only had my new 2013 for 4 months and have only driven out for 2 months.