Scion iQ Slammed in Consumer Reports Ratings

Scion iQ Slammed in Consumer Reports Ratings

Consumer Reports seems not to enjoy testing sub-compact cars such as the Scion iQ and the Smart ForTwo, or at least that’s how it looks.

Of all the new cars the publication has reviewed, the Smart ForTwo is at the very bottom with a rating of 28 and the Scion iQ is well, not much better at 29. This is a little surprising considering when we reviewed the Scion iQ, we found there was plenty to like about the model and certainly there are things it does well compared to its competitors.

Undoubtedly Consumer Reports didn’t review the Scion iQ with city driving in mind, which is evident when it said the vehicle’s powertrain was “barely enough to stay up with highway traffic.”

There’s a reason the iQ is referred to as a city car for urban environments such as those found in San Francisco, New York, or Boston. Perhaps it would have done a little better if Consumer Reports reviewed the model through the perspective of a city-dweller, and not trying to cruise the highway at 70 mph.

  • Bill

    I test drove this care and I loved it

  • Bill

    I test drove this car and I loved it.  It picked up really fast on the freeway for me.

  • Maggiebite

    Are you kidding me?! Do the people who write these things actually drive the car first?!?  I own a Scion iQ and love it!  Not only is it not sluggish and slow but I have had my car up to 80 mph on the highway with no issues at all.  And I can even pass semi trucks without getting blown off the road – imagine that! This car isn’t for everyone, I will be the first to admit, but it certainly is responsive and fun to drive.  The article above is a joke.

  • Colum Wood

    Glad to have your feedback Maggiebite. Consumer Reports has been slammed quite a bit lately for being out of touch. Read our AutoGuide review here:

  • Molknebb

    Consumer Reports just got lowered to the bottom of MY ratings of an organization that until now, I felt was employing professional unbias reviewers that understood their business.

  • Mark

    I own an IQ and I actually find myself having to throttle back on the highway. Don’t tell the cops but I was cruising at 95+. Of course the mileage dropped to 29mpg but I felt in control and the speed was not apparent. I normally don’t drive more than 10 to 20 miles either alone or with my son and it’s perfect! Overall honest average mpg is 37.

  • Engineer_Rick

    CR has NO credibility. It’s an affordable ($16K) commuter car that gets around 40 mpg! NOBODY can come close to that for $16K! (So we iQ owners will just laugh when CR calls the $45,000 beast, Chevy Volt, the greatest thing since sliced bread.)