Scion iQ Two-Cylinder Hybrid a Possibility

Scion iQ Two-Cylinder Hybrid a Possibility

A small two-cylinder hybrid engine is in the works at Toyota, and it could be finding its way into the Toyota iQ and or the Aygo. 

Update: Scion returned our call after this story was published. Craig Taguchi, a company public relations representative, said the company has no plans to bring such a car to the U.S., primarily because it would be too close to the Prius c.

The FT-Bh concept we saw at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show previewed the brands move towards a tiny hybrid system that could easily fit into the iQ. Right now the hybrid variant seems likelier in the European market, but with the ever-raging battle against fuel consumption the powertrain could find its way to North America in the Scion iQ.

“The concept shows the packaging potential for a small hybrid, and it wasn’t just developed for a concept,” said Toyota marketing manager Jon Williams. “There are no concrete plans at present, but it’s something we’ve studied.”

With the recent introduction of the Prius C small city car, the two-cylinder hybrid isn’t likely to come out for a while.

[Source: Autocar]