Sebastian Vettel Tests Grand Prix of America Course

Sebastian Vettel Tests Grand Prix of America Course

Driving an Infiniti IPL G Coupe, F1 star Sebastian Vettel set tires smoking and caught some serious speed racing around the New Jersey roads that will mark the Grand Prix of America course in 2013. 

The first race isn’t scheduled until next year, but Vettel became the first to actually test the roads as a closed course with permission to drive outside normal road rules. He and former Grand Prix winner David Coulthard ran several passenger rides around the course, though from the footage it looks like more of a joyride than anything serious.

Unfortunately the audio cuts in and out, so don’t turn your speakers up hoping to hear anything and definitely don’t lean your ear like we did an idiot would. For better or worse the sound kicks in right when Vettel lights his tired up.

With 348 peak hp and 276 lb-ft of torque, the IPL G Coupe has plenty of power to get into trouble, especially in what would normally be a public road setting, but as Vettel says, it’s nothing like an F1 car. Given how fast he got going in the street-legal Infiniti, the race in 2013 will probably be pretty scary for the drivers and fans.

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