SRT Planning Third Car in Future?

SRT Planning Third Car in Future?

With its first baby practically delivered and a second one lined up for the oven, rumors of a third SRT vehicle to accompany the Viper and Barracuda are beginning to surface.

SRT’s badge is nothing new, but the split from its overlord Dodge nameplate is still relatively fresh,  which leaves the recently emancipated performance branch with little to call its own. That won’t be true for long if what Motor Trend reports is true. The auto rag would have us believe that there is still space under the brand’s umbrella for another car, though it isn’t clear what that will be.

Past iterations of the potent V10 Viper sat under the Dodge name until this year, and it looks like a smaller successor to the Challenger will fall into the new company’s lab to replace the aging muscle car. What, then, could the fabled third model be?

There hasn’t been a shortage of SRT-influenced vehicles in the past — even now the SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee is in production and terrorizing suburban kids playing street hockey. But it hardly seems reasonable for a fledgling brand to alienate huge chunks of the market by restricting its products to gas-frenzied beasts.

Instead, something smaller might make sense, which brings the 2007 Dodge Demon concept from to mind as a candidate aimed at the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Underpinnings could come from Fiat-owned Alpha Romeo, though that’s unlikely given the brand’s recent partnership with none other than Mazda.

It still might happen, but the idea of a Mazda-sourced MX-5 competitor seems outlandish, which means the guessing game is still in progress.

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