Star Trek Star Patrick Stewart Will Race in the Silverstone Classic

Star Trek Star Patrick Stewart Will Race in the Silverstone Classic

Racing is probably one of the last things you know him for, unless you’re thinking of racing across the galaxy, but Patrick Stewart will be racing in this summer’s Silverstone Classic

“I’m relieved and delighted,” said Stewart who passed the driving test needed to gain an MSA competition licence. “I can’t say it wasn’t a challenge at times but I’ve enjoyed it very much,” he said. “I’ve watched too many professionals at work on the race track over the years to feel that I can now call myself a fully-fledged racing driver but it was exhilarating that’s for sure and I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.”

Stewart might not be a professional racer, but he has logged a few competitive hours in the past.

“The only time that I’ve raced was on the Long Beach Grand Prix course in California which was in a Pro-Celebrity Toyota race and I really, really enjoyed it. But I’ve been in retirement for the last 10 years.”

Despite his retirement, the Silverstone Classic “was too irresistible,” he said. “The chance to drive a great British sports car at Silverstone, what could be better?”

The event he will be competing in is called the Celebrity Challenge. Stewart will compete against a list of other well-known figures including Brian Johnson from AC/DC and is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 21. Competitors will be racing in competition-prepared Morgans capable of a 130-mph top speed.
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