Steampunk Themed MINI Countryman Built by Carlex Design

Steampunk Themed MINI Countryman Built by Carlex Design

In the world of automotive customizing, there isn’t much these days that can shock or surprise us. But Carlex Design’s MINI Countryman does just that, sporting a unique Steampunk theme that truly makes it one-of-a-kind.

Based out of Poland, Carlex Design specializes in custom upholstery, finding ways to make its customer’s cars truly unique with creative interiors. But we have to admit, a Steampunk-genre themed vehicle would be the last thing we would ever think of, especially paired up to the British automaker’s Countryman.

On the outside is a flat gray paint job contrasted with copper accents seen on the wheels, fender trim, door handles, window lining, and roof. Both the headlights and taillights received a traditional black-out treatment while most of the extensive work has been done on the interior as expected.

Carlex Design left no piece of upholstery untouched on the inside, converting the mundane MINI Countryman interior to something out of this era. Classic brown leather has been intermingled with classic wood finishes, while copper plating highlights the pedals, instruments, air vents, and steering wheel. What really sets it off however is the intricate details placed on the seat cushions and steering wheel, featuring a see-through design that is staple Steampunk.

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  • Haiden Demuny

    This car is like a clock. Da heck!?