Steve McQueen’s Classic Ferrari 275 GTB4 Restored

Steve McQueen’s Classic Ferrari 275 GTB4 Restored

Converted to, well, a convertible, then restored to its original hardtop, a Ferrari 275 GTB4 that originally belonged to Steve McQueen came in to Ferrari Classiche for certification.

Ferrari’s Classiche department exists solely to provide certification and restoration services, but it requires that a car be exactly to spec with how it was upon leaving the factory. For the 275 GTB4 in question, that meant replacing the hardtop and restoring the car to what it looked like when McQueen recieved it while on set filming Bullitt.

There don’t seem to be any plans for selling the exceptional Ferrari, though it would likely bring a handsome price should the owner have a change of heart. Classics from the Italian automaker have historically brought record-breaking bids at auction, with a 1962 250 GTO selling for $10,756,833 in 1990. That record wouldn’t be broken for 18 years, but it was a 1961 250 California that managed to finally top the tag at $10,910,592. Finally last year a 1957 250 Testa Rossa sold for $16.39 million to hold the current record.


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