Stonehenge Recreated with Scrap Cars by Skoda

Stonehenge Recreated with Scrap Cars by Skoda

Stonehenge is one of the great wonders of the world, and to capitalize on its fame, car-maker Skoda recreated it with old scrap cars to help launch the Citigo small car. 

Built on London’s Southbank, the sculpture uses the new Skoda Citigo as it center piece. The company calls it Citihenge, which stands at over five meters tall, uses  18 scrap cars, and weighs a total of 36 tonnes. It will be on display for two days in London, and then moved to the Goodwod Festival of Speed.

“The Citigo embodies the future of driving and is the smartest option for forward-thinking city drivers,” said Pietro Panarisi, Skoda spokesperson. “Citihenge symbolises the beginning of a new era of motoring and we hope drivers across the country will recognise this important turning point.”


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