Tesla Model S Signature Series Sold Out

Tesla Model S Signature Series Sold Out

Despite costing almost as much as the discontinued Roadster, the $105,40 Tesla Model S Signature Performance model is sold out according to the company. 

At almost twice what the base model costs, people still seem eager to buy an electric sedan from the up-and-coming luxury EV maker. Swimming amidst a sea of struggling EV companies, Tesla stands alone as the startup that seems to be making a decent run without being tied to a much larger brand.

Customers can still make a deposit on the entry-level Model S, which starts at $57,400, but the ranger-topper is all spoken for, according to the company’s website. Delivery for the high-end version will begin on June 22, though customers opting for the more affordable version will be stuck waiting until fall for their cars.

The site’s new configurator shows how wide the gap really is between the Model S and the Signature Performance edition. Currently, the company focuses on high-end sales with cars like its Roadster, but offering a lower-cost version could let it shift twoard larger-scale production. However, the decision to do so will most likely come down to how the lower cost Model S sells.

Those sales will probably hinge more than anything on what the consumer gets without paying for premium options. It doesn’t look like you really get very much for that price. The least-capable, 40 kWh battery is standard, while upgrading to the 85 kWh will cost $20,000. A long list of interior packages are also available for a higher price, including a $3,750 tech package that adds xenon headlamps, electrochromatic side mirrors, LED fog lamps, a high-definition backup camera, navigation with a seven-year subscription and more.

You get the backup camera in standard definition with the base model, but it’s pretty hard to feel impressed by that when cars that cost a third the Model S’ price offer the same thing. Regardless, this car will probably determine the automaker’s immediate future, and maybe more.