Tesla Model S to Feature new Digital Dashboard

Tesla Model S to Feature new Digital Dashboard

The all-electric Tesla Model S is making its way to customers, and now more details have emerged about the cars digital dashboard, which is powered by computer-chip maker NVIDIA.

Known as the Tegra Visual Computing Module (VCM), the Model S has two impressive screens that do all the duties for as the information cluster and dashboard.

The first of the two screens is a 17-inch touchscreen, that has a customizable user interface for music, phone, navigation, connected services and climate control.

The other screen is 12.3-inch LCD display and that has 3D graphics that can be personalized based on each driver’s preferences.

“To capture the interest of today’s consumer, automakers must innovate well beyond the traditional transportation benefits of a car,” said Thilo Koslowski, of Gartner Technology Research. “Automakers have to impress drivers with superior in-vehicle connectivity and interface experiences that leverage the best technology innovations available.”

The two screens together aim to provide the driver and passengers with an intuitive interface, a growing trend in the automotive industry.

This also marks the first time that computer chip-set maker NVIDIA uses its Tegra VCM units in a production vehicle. It combines a multi-core processor and dedicated video processing unit to provide the 3D graphics and visuals.

“With the power of NVIDIA Tegra, we are able to deliver a visually stunning in-vehicle experience to our customers and put rich content at their fingertips.” said J.B. Straubel, chief technology officer at Tesla Motors.

The Tesla Model S is officially being delivered to customers and is available with three different sized batteries which offer a variety of driving ranges.