Tesla Targets 20,000 Sales in 2013 Rising to 35,000 the Following Year

Tesla Targets 20,000 Sales in 2013 Rising to 35,000 the Following Year

Tesla just began delivers of its new Model S luxury sedan this week but already the American electric car makers is targeting strong sales for 2013.

In fact, according to company CEO Elon Musk, the company is “highly confident” sales will reach 20,000 units next year. To put that number in perspective, Tesla sold just 2,250 of its Roadster electric sports car models in the past four years.

The Model S, suitable as an actual daily-driver with room for as many as seven, starts at half the price of the Roadster, beginning at just $57,400. Top-trim models with a larger battery back that can deliver a range of 300 miles is, however, priced just above $100,000.

To help promote the new car, Tesla will begin a 45 day roadshow starting this month, taking the vehicles around the country for tests drives and promotional events.

The future, says Musk, is even brighter than his expectations for 2013. The following year Tesla expects sales to reach 35,000 units as it expands into new global markets and introduces its Model X crossover. The company also plans to help boost deliveries in 2013 with its first leasing program.

Following 2014, Tesla is already looking ahead to a new sedan and crossover that will be even more affordable, priced more like a BMW 3 Series than a 5 Series, like the current vehicles. Helping bring down costs, says Musk, are improvements in battery pack technology, which he says will increase in their energy density while shedding cost by 8 to 10 percent each year.

Along with building their own cars, supplying battery packs to other automakers increasingly become a part of the core Tesla business plan, with Musk saying he expects the partnership with Toyota on the RAV4 EV to expand, while a new arrangement with Daimler will be larger than all previous ones combined.

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