Texas Speed Limit Might Reach 85 MPH on Toll Road

Texas Speed Limit Might Reach 85 MPH on Toll Road

Drivers in Texas might have something to look forward to: a slightly higher speed limit. The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) is proposing the increase to ease traffic on public roads.

Advocates for the change argue that the increase to 85 mph isn’t drastic and say it will encourage people to drive on State Highway 130 more often, reducing traffic congestion elsewhere.

In Texas, Utah and Colorado there are already roads with 80 mph speed limits, so it really isn’t a major increase. TDOT still needs to conduct a speed study to decide if increasing the limit is safe. If its conclusions are positive, the limit is likely to be raised.

Those arguing the contrary say raising the speed limit will increase the risk of serious crashes, though Darren McDaniel, TDOT speed management director pointed out that speed-related crashed generally stem from having big differences in speed between cars, not more cars travelling faster.

[Source: News Radio WOAI]