Texting and Driving Outlawed in Ohio

Texting and Driving Outlawed in Ohio

Fair warning, if you live in Ohio and text behind the wheel, you could face fines or worse: a suspended driver’s license. 

Lawmakers in the state aren’t entirely without mercy, though. There will be a six-month grace period where warnings will be issued in lieu of fines and penalties, but after than it’s fair game. For adult drivers, it will count as a secondary offense with fines running as high as $150, but minors will be hit with a steeper primary offense, which is enough for a 60-day license suspension.

If you’re a teen who gets caught sending sweet nothings more than once while driving, the penalty goes up to a $300 fine and a one year suspension.

The law will go into effect in 90 days, which means a total of five more months before any of this is reality, but as transportation secretary Ray LaHood (pictured above) enthusiastically points out, driving and texting is simply bad practice.

“While this new law will help keep all drivers safe, we are especially encouraged by its focus on young drivers, who are more likely to engage in distracted driving,” LaHood Said.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Radknight

    Good for Ohio. For all states, I can’t imagine what argument the ‘against banning’ crowd could possibly come up with and why all states haven’t taken up the full ban yet.