Top 10 Most Reliable Family Cars

Top 10 Most Reliable Family Cars

6. Volkswagen Passat

The only German vehicle to make it onto the list is the Volkswagen Passat, which was the only vehicle on the list with less than a 5 percent major claims rate. According to Robin Johnson of Direct Buy Warranty, only one out of 50 Passat owners have reported a breakdown that costed them more than $200.00 to fix. That’s pretty impressive considering all vehicles surveyed were between three and five years old.

  • I would to say that I am shocked by the lack of American cars.  But, I’m not.

  • Carmang

    The writing in this feature is horrible.  Calling the Legacy an “uglier WRX” is untrue when the GT model is no longer produced in 2013, as an example.  Hire better writers or pay them more so they do a better job.

  • Bobby

    The Toyotas are reliable at careening out of control and killing you…

  • Bobby

    The Hondas are reliable at boring you to death with their awful driving dynamics, bland looks and awful interiors.

  • Nsilva

    Ditto Carmang – the writer needs to wake up – it’s 2012.

  • Sxlgtr

    I agree, such as the new Chevy Cruze, it looks great but the safety and reliability on it was terrible (Consumer Reports).

  • Dasda

    Bobby is funny …

  • Ozzy7579

    Notice how this is all jap and german crap. 

  • nldekker

    And yet both JD Powers and Consumer Reports not only rank VWs near the bottom of the list for reliability, but also rate VW’s service departments as bottom of the barrel, as well.

  • Anthonygreco19

    Nissan Took Gold And Silver, I would love to have a Maxima but I have an Altima, Maxima’s Little Brother.

  • sheamus

    hhhhhmm no american cars i wonder why?

  • Sikkinixx

    the 1995 carina diesel is the most built car ever…end of story..phil j

  • Kanadastan

    My wife’s 10 year old 2003 Toyota Corolla which we bought brand new in the fall of 2002, has 175,000 kilometers (that is 110,000 miles for my American friends) and she has driven it through ten Canadian winters. Except for some rust around the rear driver’s side wheel-well, NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. Only routine maintenance such as fluid changes, tires and brakes. Even the original battery lasted 9 years. The car has not even needed a tune-up yet, so it still has the original spark plugs and cables. Yes, it is a Japanese brand, but if you look under the hood, you will find Japanese, American and even Mexican sourced parts and the car itself was assembled in Canada. Bottom line is, Toyota makes good quality cars. We have owned North American cars in the past such as a 1987 Chevrolet Cavalier (bought brand new), 1994 Pontiac Transport (bought brand new) and a 1993 Ford Tempo (bought 1 year old) and they have all had a lot more problems than our Toyota Corolla.

  • Bayerngirl

    I’m wondering how much the writer of the Passat review was paid by VW.  I used to own a Passat and it was the most unreliable car ever built unless you count being able to rely on it to breakdown every 1-2 weeks without exaggerating.  It was so bad VW gave me cash back to buy a different vehicle from them. From speaking with current owners and mechanics nothing has changed since the first model – constant breakdowns and repairs – total piece of rubbish.  I now own a Jetta TDI which is infinitely more reliable than the Passat despite it being 3 times as old as my Passat was when I got rid of it.

  • Kitty

    I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla with 130,000 miles on it.  I bought it as a demo in May 2002 with 2,400 miles on it.   When it got to about 120,000 miles it needed a new alternator and its 2nd battery.  I receintly replaced the caps in front of the starter about 2 months ago.  I changed the oil every 3,000 miles religiously.  I have the 3rd set of tires on it now.  The car has been driven round trip from Michigan to California 2’ce, Pennsilvania once and through Indiana several times.  The car has been totally reliable for me over the past 10 years-but it seems the reliability has slipped some since I changed the starter caps 2 months ago.  I fear the starter going next.  I am currently pricing new Toyota’s.  And yes…I am still interested in the Corolla! 

    Before: I owned a 1981 Datsun B210 (bought in 1984) and a 1986 Buick Skyhawk (bought in 1988) Both of these cars saw moderate repair bills during their tenure.  The Datsun died horribly as the last year I owned it, it LIVED at the repair shop! 

  • Chrorteg1

    one of the safest most reliable vehicles i have ever owned was a toyota

  • Wen

    No Honda CR-V?

  • Dawnsavi

    I will never buy a Honda again. Our 2008 Honda Civic has had so many issues that remain unresolved by Honda. Utter crap. We own a 1993 Honda Accord that is in better shape than this poorly engineered mistake. I will continue to warn people about Honda’s unreliable vehicles. Sorry Honda, you just lost a life long customer.

  • This-list-sucks

    The Toyota Corolla wasn’t on this list?
    This list just lost ALL credibility.

  • Jmaryt

    junk!  that’s why!

  • Jmaryt

    japs are tough to beat! germans get every dime for their  stuff,and it’s all high priced “crap!”

  • Ctm2ooo

    Well this report is b/s, how do they know after one year if the car is reliable or not? Nothing break during one year no matter what car you drive. Except for Audi lol. I think they just want to put what ever they like up here. After multi recall by toyota and they still in this list? Give me a breaks

  • Ctm2ooo

    Have you actually own one? Chevy cruze rated at 5 star safety test. It has 10 air bags in the car, and it can do up to 110 miles perhour with without shaking to whole chassy and you called it not safe? Where did you get the information from? Go test drive the new honda civic and the chevy cruze then you will see the difference. I owned 2012 honda civic and also my wife owned 2012 chevy cruze, honda civic nothing to compair with the cruze. The whole car shake after 80 miles per hour on highway .

  • Mr.G

    Honda is having many promblems with there civic’s overall design after the 04 model it went to crap. Major engine problems, coolant leaks, cracked heads and blocks. The there ugly now…

  • Racunh-rogrigez


  • Aaron

    That’s good because I own the 04 sedan 🙂

  • Danny

    Why do you keep buying Volks, just asking

  • Mrpete125

     We brought a 2008 Civic and Accord new and have had nothing but problems.  Everything from faulty back breaks on the Accord to the air conditioning giving out on the Civic right after warranty was up!  Needless to say we also will be staying away from Honda!

  • joel

    how come toyota is one in the top, wherein it is the most recalled vehicle. they say that suspension parts are good, for me its because the suspension is too stiff that it barely moves so less wear and tear…

  • bigcg98

    I have a 2000 Maxima with 270,000 miles on it. Hardly any maintenance except a radiator last year. I’ve had this car for 13 years and it has been a gem. I want to buy a new one and give mine to my son, but the only thing I don’t like is that it is supposed to take premium fuel. Might have to go with the Altima, or a Mazda 6 looks good.

  • martino

    I have a 2002 chevy cavalier it has 200.000 miles still runing perfect . I got it new i hadn’t have big problems I love it.

  • ajay

    I am looking for a 2003 mazda6i .. has 96000 miles.. is it safe for me to buy a mazda ? have never owned one, so dont know

  • MaxDamon

    As a rental car driver….I drive them all…..Nissan seems to be having a LOT of reliability problems. It’s really too bad! They have a nice car line-up……but I wouldn’t plunk my money down on one right now. Reliability and quality seem be the last thing on their list.

  • MaxDamon

    Have never heard anyone say they didn’t like their Camry. Toyota makes solid automobiles.

  • RichQ

    I had a 2006 Corolla with over 130,000 miles on it. Intended to keep it for several more years but it was rear ended by an SUV at about 50 mph or more. The car was totaled, but it crumpled properly which probably saved our lives. Up to that point, it had no issues. We were sorry to see the car go, but have replaced it with a 2013 Camry. Past experiences with 4 other Toyotas have all been positive. I hope it holds true for the new Camry as well.

  • tspam

    Will not buy another car until Cadillac comes with something like my DTS 2010.

  • Ryan

    I have owned 2 Nissan a Versa and Sentra they have the best Reliability. I HAVE Owened Toyota and Honda and there are the same but Nissan its better

  • Ron Hersey

    Those Cavaliers are tought cars. My kids has had 4 and they keep on ticking.

  • art

    I own 04 Chevy impala, i had too many problems even before reaching 70k, i will never buy american car again

  • jap’s

    Just an advice:
    stay away from diesel versions of Mazda 5 (Europe)…

    It has too many issues with turbo, DPF, EGR and other components…
    Best regards,

  • ‘Karina Guerrero-Copado

    Fuck Nissan Altima! I have this car and have spent so much money on trying to fix it. It randomly turns off while I’m driving 55mph on the road. I’ve always taken good care of my cars and for it to be acting up really upsets me. The check engine light doesn’t come on so it’s so hard to figure out what’s wrong. The same thing happened to my friends car a Nissan altima and if you go on Google search many other people have this problem.

  • ‘Karina Guerrero-Copado

    What cars did you find most reliable?

  • Mark G

    search the same thing for any car……and you will see the same issue……take it to the dealer and get it fixed