Top 10 Worst Cities for Driving

Top 10 Worst Cities for Driving

8. Moscow, Russia

Residents of Moscow, Russia have gone on the record to say that their average traffic delays are three or more hours long. Thought your commute in traffic was bad? Combine that with what Mother Nature has to offer Russia and you’ve got a ‘perfect storm’ brewing. Summer smoke storms undoubtedly affect traffic even more, and we can’t even imagine what it’s like when it snows.

  • Xjames77

    Don’t forget to blame the very poor transit system Toronto has.

  •  I always wondered why it’s always easier to drive in places other then Toronto.

  • MarkmBha

    The traffic is bad in many cities.
    One city not on the list is BANGKOK, THAILAND, and it should be!
    When oil is gone, it will improve greatly.

  • Stella

    Have you been to sicily?  or panama?  I think fear of death should be a factor in your rankings.

  • ive lived in baghdad

    you obviously haven’t seen how driving is in Iraq in general never mind Baghdad

  • The data was gathered through surveying IBM’s 2011 Commuter Pain
    survey, World Bank statistics, and other Internet sources for this
    non-scientific list.

  • the top 10 worst cities in the world for driving, especially when rush hour looks like a Mercedes parade.

  • htd2007


  • Vivoutm

    obviously u havent been to jakarta!

  • Arun Radiology

    am sure you didnt atleast went to Mumbai-INDIA, 100% sure its the dangerous driving city in the world…there if you are crossing the road drivers use accelerator not brakes,and most congested city in the worls,you cant imagineeven the scene there

  • Morreira

    Then of course Johannesburg also holds the distinction  of being the hijack capital of the world.

  • carlover

    What a load of crap! They obviously haven’t been to New York, Bangkok, Sydney,Tokyo and 10 others…useless article

  • guggenheim

    I lived in Cairo and that city must be on a top 10 worst driving cities.

  • Hesham

    Sadly, I actually opened the article expecting Cairo to be the first on list, I do live in Cairo and it  is a sad fact for an otherwise a great country, but hopefully the evolution is coming and the political corruption which primary caused all of this will be overcame.

  • Saak3333

    I agree with
    “carlover” and “Arun Radiology”. There are many cities that
    would qualify higher than those on this list due to various factors such as
    lack of road rules, signs, condition of vehicles, driver attitude, pedestrians,
    mix of vehicles, condition of roads, street lighting, etc. 


    I have driven in Toronto and it
    is sedate.


    Drove in Karachi recently, it’s
    like a video game where avoidance is the name of the game, drive gently and you
    will come to a complete stop and be going nowhere fast, aggression is rewarded
    and respected, drift around a few roundabouts or take a corner sideways and
    even the traffic cops will applaud (if they see you, as they are fully focused
    on collecting graft from the law abiding drivers who actually stop when

    A Toyota 4×4 double cabin
    pickup (modified and with a lift kit and huge off road tires preferred) with a
    couple of yahoos brandishing AKs in the back would be a good choice of vehicle

    The bristling 4×4 would help a bit (just a
    little bit as this could also be considered good sport by the Honda 125 cc riding
    traffic light marauders, another very good reason for ignoring traffic lights)
    to deter some of the naughty boys from trying to snatch your belongings or you.


    Anyway, you get the picture…

  • George MacPherson

    Any reason why you used a picture of Lagos, Portugal instead of Lagos, Nigeria? Just lazy usage of Google images or what? FYI – hardly any traffic in that Lagos.

  • Burningsnow666


  • td99

    5. Johannesburg, South Africa
    “Since carpooling is clearly not inspired in South Africa, Johannesburg earns itself a spot *ON* the list.”

  • Top cat

    Lagos Nigeria is not only one of the worse places to drive it is the asshole of the world in terms of quality of life, and provision of services that Europe and the US enjoy, even though it is rolling in oil dollars.

  • Since carpooling is clearly not inspired in South Africa, Johannesburg earns itself a spot *ON* the list.”

  • Anonymous

    bitch please, if you learn how to drive in the Philippines, you can drive around the world!

    That’s how dangerous driving in the Philippines is.

  • Sherwin Jc10

    the one who made this research is called LAZY Stupid!  Moreover to his knowledge that this places posted is only the least!  

  • I dare all of you to come to La Paz – Bolivia, that’s a bad place for driving

  • 404nameNotFound

    I’m from Lagos, now living in Beijing.. I don’t know when you made this list but, Beijing is driving heaven compared to Lagos. 

  • Keith

    I’ve been to quite a few of your top 10, and you’ve definitely missed a real treasure.  Ulaabatar, Mongolia is definitely the worst traffic.  Economy is booming, and no new roads.  Full on traffic jams most of the day.  And, the 3rd worst polluted city in the world to its credit as well.

  • PJH

    Saudi Arabia, hands down by a million miles.
    Every other country has absolutely nothing on Saudi Arabia…world’s highest accident and road death rate and the land were all road laws are ignorred.  Just plant your foot and hope for the best

  • Hoped to see Venice in the first place ;D

  • fraser

    yeah india would be the worst place to drive period. and its because of the traffic, aswell as the andies and the phillipines

  • DarkJustice

    Not dangerous for driving BUT worst place for driving..PLease read again the article..Drivers are more dangerous here in UK than in the Philippines.

  • DarkJustice