Toyota Camette Concept Tantalizes Tokyo Toy Show

Toyota Camette Concept Tantalizes Tokyo Toy Show

With readily removable body panels and no plans for production, Toyota took to the Tokyo Toy Show — Camette concept in tow.

Created to capture a new generation of imaginations in the car world, the brand brought its 1+2 concept along to give parents and children alike the chance to better understand how an automobile works. The interior is designed to allow for maximum parent-child communication, though that’s probably the last thing anybody wants during a temper tamtrum.

If you have a well-behaved child, though, the pedals and driver’s seat are both fully-adjustable to allow a half-pint driver full operation.

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  • KLaruen017

    Cool. Is it built to hold 13 years olds. By any chance how much do you think this going to be? I really want one I just need to know how big it is and the price. Thank You

  • isabelle