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 |  Jun 04 2012, 7:32 PM

Toyota nabbed its millionth fan on Facebook and is thanking the people who made it possible by “liking” the page by releasing  a new banner photo that features a grid of about 100 profile pictures in black and white.

It also said in a press release that the page would be turned over to the fans so they could share anything that interests them with the rest of the million for the day. Given that Toyota’s sales were up almost 90 percent last month, it doesn’t really seem like money should be an issue.

Given that, it seems like a bit of a lame effort on the company’s part to post what amounts to something a high school kid in photo class could make in a lazy afternoon as a “thank you” for having one million fans.

Audi and Ferrari had awesome burnout videos and while we appreciate Toyota not jumping on that bandwagon, it would be nice to see more than a grainy picture made of profile pictures.

  • Ronald

    Ya, that is super lame. They should have jumped a Corolla. Over a pit of snakes. That would have been cool. 

  • http://onlinebz.com/ Susan Wowe

    Good to know. There are a lot of other ways to score 1 million likes on Facebook.