Toyota to Launch Interactive Xbox Live Ad Campaign

Toyota to Launch Interactive Xbox Live Ad Campaign

What would you like to see Toyota reinvent? This question is not limited to vehicles. This question is the heart of a new interactive ad campaign on Xbox Live.

Viewers of videos on Xbox Live will be interacting with ads for Toyota starting this fall.  The interactive advertisements called “NUads” get viewers to vote on what devices they want to see “reinvented” just as Toyota is doing with many of its vehicles.

The 2012 and 2013 model years have brought drastic updates to Toyota’s product portfolio. New versions of the Lexus GS and ES are out as are new versions of the Yaris and Camry. In the very near future are a refreshed Venza and a new Avalon.

Users will be able to vote by pushing buttons on the remote or through use of the Kinect system. Xbox Live has more than 40 million subscribers, most of which spend more than half their time online streaming videos and music, not playing games.

“NUads is a game changer for the 30-second television spot, and for the first time allows customers to interact with a brand on TV. Toyota has always been at the forefront of advertising innovation, so NUads was a natural next step in our longstanding work with Xbox,” said Dionne Colvin, National Marketing Media Manager for Toyota Motor Sales Inc.

[Source: Microsoft]