Truck Overturns on Freeway Dropping Hundreds of Sheep – Video

Truck Overturns on Freeway Dropping Hundreds of Sheep – Video

In one of the most bizarre traffic accidents we’ve ever heard of, a truck rolled over carrying around 400 sheep resulting in a gruesome scene on an Australian highway.

The incident occurred on the Princes Highway in Australia, when the truck overturned, tossing the hundreds of sheep onto a highway crossing below. At least three vehicles were damaged severely from the falling sheep, but thankfully no human beings were injured. Unfortunately for the sheep however, very few survived with the vast majority of them having to be put down.

The RSPCA, the leading U.K. animal welfare charity, called it one of the worst scenes it has ever encountered.

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  • Poo

    Are you so desperate for clicks that you are posting this garbage? Pathetic.

  • Alfredo Raul Huerta Rupay

    this was lame how come humans survived and 390 sheep died? they should kill that driver for irresponsible and stupid..


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